Washed Sydney Sand

Washed Sydney sand is a fine, sharp sand used for tiling, rendering, sand pits and concreting. Sometimes referred to as tiling sand or rendering sand or sharp sand or Botany sand or Kurnell sand. For more information, see YouTube play button our video.

This is the perfect sand for sandpits and sandboxes, soft and clean for safe, fun play. Comes in handy 20kg bags to take home in the back of your car, or tipped or in bulk bags for parks and childcare centers.

Economic order quantities to fill trucks are 3, 5, 7.5, 15, 20 & 32 tonne loads. It is available in 20kg small bags as well as 1000kg bulk bags and loose tipped off a truck in bulk.

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  • Shipping weight: 1000kgs
  • Brand: BC Sands
  • Item code: 18811