Crusher Dust-Recycled Concrete

A compactable, economical product used for stabilizing surfaces. Crusher dust is a by-product of concrete recycling and compacts to form a very strong surface. It can be used to form a foundation beneath surfaces where compaction is required, such as under concrete slabs. See more about this product in YouTube play button our video.

Please note this is a recycled product. This product is NOT suitable for use as a base under pavers. Please use Manufactured River Sand or Natural River Sand for this application. Economic order quantities to fill trucks are 3, 5, 7.5, 15, 20 & 32 tonne loads. This product is also available in small 20kg bags as well as 1000kg bulk bags.

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  • Shipping weight: 1000kgs
  • Brand: BC Sands
  • Item code: 18870