Service & Delivery

Q: Do I get a discount for ordering online?
A: Yes, our products will cost you 2.5% less if you order using our online shop.

Q: Do I get a discount if I buy more than one bag of product at a time?
A: Yes, the more you buy, the cheaper each bag gets. You will also minimise your delivery cost. Look out for the items with the prices shown in green - if you click on these you will see a quantity discount table, showing the price of multiple bags.

Q: What days do you deliver?
A: In Sydney we deliver six days a week, from Monday to Saturday, and usually offer next day delivery, depending on the area. If you order online, we can offer discounted delivery if you choose a non peak times (for us, non peak is any time between 7am and 3pm).

Q: What areas do you deliver to?
A: We deliver to the greater Sydney region, including the lower Blue Mountains, Wollongong and the Southern Highlands. Please note that discounted firewood deliveries to Wollongong and surrounding areas normally occur on Wednesdays, and to the Southern Highlands on Saturdays. We sometimes deliver larger quantities to other areas - call us on (02) 8543 3401 to discuss.

Q: Why should I buy firewood from an FAA member?
A: FAA (Firewood Association of Australia) members are committed to using sustainable firewood that meets both environmental and usage criteria. BC Sands is proud to be a FAA member, to meet all the requirements of their certification program and to follow their code of practice, which includes ensuring our firewood supply is environmentally sustainable, is seasoned and ready to burn, and complies with trade measurement regulations.

Q: How far can your crane trucks lift bulk bags?

Crane truck with 3 metre radius

A: Our crane trucks will fit down most domestic driveways (2.7m or 9 feet needed for access) and the crane has a three metre reach, so the operator can usually put your bulk bags in a convenient location for you. Depending on access, our crane trucks can also lift bags over side or back fences.

Q: What does 'non-peak delivery, normally between 7am and 3pm' for firewood mean?
A: When you choose this option, we will deliver your firewood during periods that avoid traffic congestion around your area on the specified day. We load our trucks with multiple deliveries and the driver unloads along the most efficient and time-saving route - and we pass that saving on to you. If you really need your firewood at a specific time then it is best to select the 'specified date/time delivery' option.

Q: Can I share a firewood delivery cost with my neighbour?
A: Yes, if you and your neighbour order together for the same delivery time, then will only charge a single delivery cost. If your neighbour is a new firewood customer for us, then we will give you a 5% discount off your next order - see next question. Please note that you will need to phone us on (02) 8543 3401 to arrange this type of delivery.

Q: Do I get a reward for firewood referrals?
A: Yes, like many businesses, ours thrives on word of mouth! If you are happy with our firewood and service, please let us know about any other firewood users that you know and if they place an order with us, we will give you a 5% discount off your next order.

Q: Can I pick up my goods to save on delivery costs?
A: Yes, you can pick up at our yard at Taren Point. You can also borrow our courtesy trailer, which can handle a weight of up to 0.75 tonne (deposit required). Please note that if you are picking up, you should order over the phone on (02) 8543 3401, as our online shop automatically adds delivery costs!