Cement Bricklayers White Aalborg 20kg

A pure white cement for bricklaying and rendering. High early strength, no lime needed, easy to use.

Key points of difference over Off-White Cement:

  • Pure White, not off white - the whitest cement on the market.
  • The pure white cement clinker in Bricklayers White Cement delivers outstanding whiteness and maintains a white spectrum with local sand variants to create a crisper aesthetic.
  • Double shelf life versus off-white storage in store, on site (less lumping in bag)
  • Added Air Entraining agents (plastisizer) will improve workability and board life of mortar
  • Less wastage
  • High early strength
  • Highest R-Value of any cement - energy efficiency rating (Hunter Whiteness rating - 94)
  • Meets Australian standards AS 3972
  • Manufactured to strict ISO 9002:1994 standards
  • As it is pure white, it is the best base cement for adding colour oxide
  • Contains no Iron Oxide so it will not discolour when acid washed (however, if the sand used has oxides, discolouration may still occur)
  • Use for bricklaying mortar and render.

20kg bags can be bought individually or as a pallet of 72.

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  • Shipping weight: 20kgs
  • Brand: Aalborg Portland
  • Item code: 22244