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Free gardening gloves

Lay one of these turfs for a beautiful lawn this summer – at spring special prices until 30/11/11! Plus FREE 2.5 kg bag of Organic booster with every order of ten rolls or more of any the turfs below, and free use of a lawn leveller. Buy online for an additional 2.5% discount on top of these prices!

Sir Walter turf

Sir Walter

Australia’s own buffalo – grown here, born and bred for our conditions. Soft and low maintenance – the ideal turf for any back yard. A crisp green turf that looks good all-year round with excellent drought tolerance and winter colour, with less water, spraying and mowing – about 50% less mowing than Kikuyu!

From $9.99 - with quantity discounts! Buy 200m2 or more for $7.00 per roll - delivered free!

Kikuyu turf


A fast-growing budget turf. Kikuyu’s rapid growth makes it quick to establish and a good choice for large areas. Tough and hard wearing, it retains its colour well and is also good for high-traffic locations, because it recovers quickly from wear and damage, especially when grown in full sun.

From $4.99 - with quantity discounts! Buy 200m2 or more for $3.99 per roll - delivered free!

Grand Prix turf

Grand Prix

The first Australian-bred couch grass, Grand Prix is dark green with a fine to medium texture. It grows quickly and had very high resistance to wear – it’s a good choice for sports fields and back yards with high wear! Good colour and low water needs.

100m2 at $8.45 per m2

Premium Lawn Builder

Get your lawn started the right way with our Premium Lawn Builder – also on special until 30/11/11 at only $49 per m3. A high-quality underlay or top dressing.

Everything you need to make the best of any turf!

More for your back yard with Sydney’s best and biggest range of landscaping supplies!

Free gardening gloves

Free gardening gloves when you order any of the gravels or mulches pictured below! Buy online for an additional 2.5% discount on top of these spring special prices (spring special prices end 30/11/11)!

Cowra Gold 14mm

Cowra Gold 14mm

Rounded pebble in warm creams and golds. Ideal for garden beds

Was $220 now $199 per tonne

Snow White medium

Snow White in small, medium and large

Stunning modern pebble for pots and garden beds. Also available in black.

Was $29.99 now $19.99 per 20kg bag

Somersby pebble

Somersby Pebble

7-10mm and ideal for pathways, pots and cottage gardens

Was $105 now $99 per tonne

Cypress mulch

Cypress Mulch

Naturally termite resistant. Retains moisture and is easy to spread.

Was $90 now $79 per m3

Organic Garden Mix

Garden Mixes

Organic Garden Mix at $49 per m3 and Native Garden mix at $59 per m3, both made to AS4419 – the ideal way to boost growth.

Red Wood Chip

Red Wood Chip

Slower to break down. Gives a bold contrast in a modern garden.

Was $95 now $79 per m3

And many more mulches, gravels and decorative pebbles to choose from!

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