Turf Checklist: Six Key Points About Choosing and Laying Turf

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Sir Walter DNA Certified looks lush in your yard

1. Which Turf Should I Use?

Choose a variety that works for your needs and conditions. For example, is your yard shady or does it get lots of sun? Will kids and pets be running around on it? Are you in a drought-prone area? Do you enjoy cutting and edging your lawn or would you rather do that as little as possible?! Find out more about different types of turf with our quick comparison chart showing some key turf varieties.

Sir Walter DNA Certified logo But, as a quick tip from us, we find Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Turf is a soft but robust turf that thrives in Sydney and the Shire! It's a multi-purpose turf that looks and feels good year-round, handles wear and tear (aka kids and pets), survives extreme conditions, is drought-resistant and even does well in shady conditions. Sir Walter's versatility has made it Australia's number one turf and it's the ideal turf that can handle pretty much anything our local conditions can throw at it. Our Sir Walter is DNA certified and even comes with its own 10-year warranty from Lawn Solutions Australia.

Sir Grange Zoysia logo

Or, if you want the classic European look of finer, softer grass, Sir Grange Zoysia is a luxurious turf that, when well cared-for, gives you an even, velvety finish. Sir Grange is used worldwide for its classic good looks and is the turf of choice for terraced and display lawns. However, with its origins in the golf industry, it can also handle a fair amount of wear and tear.

Roll of turf Sir Walter Buffalo

2. What is the Best Time of Year to Lay Turf?

In most areas of Sydney and surrounds, you can lay turf all year round. We always have turf for sale, other than when there has been extremely heavy rain, because then rolls cannot be cut.
  • Spring: The ideal time to lay turf! The weather is warming up, but it's not so hot that your turf will suffer from the full strength of the sun and you'll use less water than you would in summer.
  • Summer: Turf laid in summer will grow fast, but it will be water-hungry while it's establishing its root system.
  • Autumn: The cooler days are perfect for turf and your grass will have time to establish its root system before winter, with less water needed to keep it healthy.
  • Winter: Although turf goes into a semi-dormant condition in winter, you can still lay it with good results. The root system won't grow strongly until spring, but it will need less water.
Cutting turf to fit

Watering New Turf Under Water Restrictions

Whatever time of year you lay your turf, new turf needs water. In Sydney, Level 1 water restrictions are in place, but they do allow for the watering of new turf. You can use a hand held hose with a trigger nozzle or a watering system for the critical first four weeks while your turf establishes itself. Some conditions do apply, particularly around the times you are permitted to water--please see Sydney Water's water restrictions page for full details.

3. How Much Turf Do I Need?

First, measure your yard to find out the number of square meters you need to cover. Turf rolls usually come in 1m2. Standard rolls of turf usually measure approximately 1.7x0.6m, but it is a natural product, so please bear in mind that the rolls can vary a little in size. As a rule of thumb you will need at least as many rolls as square metres in your yard. We always suggest you add a few extra rolls (allow for about 5% extra), particularly if you are working with curves or unusual shapes. There's nothing more frustrating than coming to the end of a turf laying project and discovering that you are a roll or two short! If you need more help figuring out what you need, visit our calculator page where we have project calculators ready to help you order the right amount of material. As well as a turf calculator, you'll find calculators for turf underlay and top dressing, and for many other types of project.

4. When Should I Order My Turf?

All our turf is brought in fresh to order, to ensure you get the best result from your lawn. Place your order before midday and we will deliver your turf the next day! (Saturday and Sunday orders are freshly cut on Monday and delivered on Tuesday). All year round, but particularly in spring and summer, we order additional quantities of Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo and sometimes our other turfs, so if you need your turf immediately, call us on 8543 3401 and we will let you know what we have in stock. Cutting turf to fit

5. What Else Do I Need to Lay My Turf?

You will also need soil to create the perfect conditions for your new lawn, and fertiliser to encourage healthy growth. Our Turf Gro Premium makes an ideal base for your turf, and Lawn Launcher is an excellent starter fertiliser. In future years, a layer of Turf Gro Premium on top of your lawn will keep the surface level and keep your grass looking amazing and growing healthily for many years. Do all your preparatory work before your turf arrives so you can lay it on the day of delivery when it is as fresh as possible.

6. Turf vs Lawn vs Grass - what's the difference?!

Turf refers to grass and the soil it has grown in together. This can be cut into rolls, a bit like rolls of carpet. Lawn is the grassed area that is the end result when you lay down your rolls. And grass is the plant itself, the blades and the roots. The definitions are fairly interchangeable, though--some sports are played on 'turf', call us up and ask to buy 'grass' and we'll explain about rolls of turf, and many people refer to their lawn as 'grass' or 'turf'.

How to Lay Turf

Preparation is important to get the best growth from your turf both when it's laid and in the future. You can't lay turf on concrete or rock and, while it might seem quick and tempting, it won't take well if you lay it over existing grass. Turf needs direct contact with good quality earth to thrive, so remove rocks, debris, improve your soil and smooth it out first. You can use weedkiller to kill off any existing grass and weeds, but be sure to wait for two weeks, or longer if directed on the packet, before you lay any new turf or it will die off as fast as your weeds! Take a look at our Turf Preparation Guide for hints and tips. Also, see our Top Dressing Guide for some useful information on caring for an established lawn.

Keep your lawn healthy by knowing how to care for it all year round--check out our article on winter lawn care.

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Watch our helpful How To Lay Turf video for great tips and ideas!


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Turf Sir Grange Zoysia m2 (1.7mx.6m)
Sir Grange's soft, luxurious feel and fine leaf makes it the choice for elite lawns across the world. But Sir Grange is no softy when it comes to...

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Turf Sir Walter Buffalo DNA Certified m2 Pre-order (1.7mx0.6m)
Special offer available! Australia's number one turf! Sir Walter Buffalo DNA Certified Turf has proved time and time again it will grow anywhere; in full sun or shade, in...

Price per m2: $12.99  $12.67
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Turf Eureka Kikuyu m2 (1.7x0.6m)
Looking for an economical all-rounder? Then Eureka Kikuyu is your choice of lawn. A proven performer in most Australian climates, Eureka Kikuyu is a...

Price per m2: $8.49  $8.28
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Turf Nullarbor Couch m2 (1.7x.6m)
Nullarbor Couch is a top performing couch for your home lawn, sporting surface or commercial project. Ideal for this region, Nullarbor has a fine,...

Price per m2: $10.49  $10.23
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Turf TifTuf Bermuda m2 (1.7x0.6m)
TifTufs outstanding water-saving efficiency has made it the first, and currently the only, Australian turf to be awarded the Smart Approved...

Price per m2: $13.49  $13.15
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Turf Variety Sapphire Soft Buffalo m2 (1.7x0.6m)
Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo grass has performance as good as any other buffalo turf, with the added benefit of fine texture. A Sapphire Soft Leaf...

Price per m2: $13.99  $13.64
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ColourGuard 100ml Concentrate Natural Grass Colourant Lawn Lovers
Add instant colour to your lawn! ColourGuard can be used year round to restore the natural colour of your turf. The natural ingredients will not harm...

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ColourGuard 2L Ready to Use Natural Grass Colourant Lawn Lovers
Add instant colour to your lawn! ColourGuard can be used year round to restore the natural colour of your turf. The natural ingredients will not harm...

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Deposit Lawn Leveller/ Soil Spreader Refundable
Free four-hour hire with spring turf and Turf Gro purchase from us! Deposit of $100 is refundable when you return the leveller clean and in good...

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Fertiliser Premium Lawn Food Lawn Solutions 10kg
Originally developed for use with Sir Walter Buffalo, this fertiliser is good for most lawn varieties, including other buffalos, Couch, Kikuyu,...

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Fertiliser Premium Lawn Food Lawn Solutions 4kg
Originally developed for use with Sir Walter Buffalo, this fertiliser is good for most lawn varieties, including other buffalos, Couch, Kikuyu,...

Price per item: $28.50  $27.79
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Gypsum Clay Breaker 25kg Brunnings
This soil conditioner helps break up heavy clay soils and make them more workable, for example in preparation for laying turf. Improves the soil...

Price per bag: $24.99  $24.37
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Lawn Aerator 60L
The Rapid Lawn Aerator is a fast, easy way to provide the environment for a healthy lawn. 60mm long spikes penetrate the hard crust and allow...

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Lawn Insecticide Grub Guard 2L
If aphids, bugs, caterpillars, heliothis, leafhoppers, grasshoppers, thrips or army worm are a problem in your garden... Grub Guard is the answer!...

Price per item: $35.50  $34.61
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Lawn Launcher 3kg (previously Sir Launcher)
Lawn Launcher is a premium blend of fertiliser and moisture magnets, Premium Water Crystals, which should be used when laying a new lawn,...

Price per item: $39.00  $38.03
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Lawn Leveller/Soil Spreader 4 Hour Hire Fee $100 Deposit Required
Hire our lawn leveller/soil spreader to spread and level the soil under your new turf for a smooth and stunning result! Deposit of $100 is refundable...

Price per item: $20.00  $19.50
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Lawn Leveller/Soil Spreader Spear & Jackson
The easy way to spread and level the soil under your new turf for a smooth and stunning result! Spear & Jackson Lawn Leveller, with a head size of...

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Lawn Rescue Hose-On 2L
A premium dual action spray-on which will drought-proof and feed lawns. Easy to use--simply hose on. Treats 150 m2 of turf.

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Lawn Roller Aerator 60lt 4 Hour Hire Fee $200 Deposit Required
Hire our Rapid Lawn Aerator to pep up your lawn this year! Refundable deposit when you return it clean and in good condition. Other equipment for...

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Loving Your Lawn Book
Your guide to the perfect Aussie lawn. The first truly Australian lawn guide designed specifically for our unique conditions. Presented by Nigel...

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