Fire Flame 3-in-1 Fire Starter Starter, Kindling & Fuel 5kg

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Fire Flame is answer to the calls people have made for a fuss free method of starting & maintaining a hot fire. 1) Fire Flame used as a kindling - just take one of the briquette sized blocks & prise some of the waxed cardboard particles loose & light with a match. You get an instant clean fire. Add you're kindling & smaller pieces of firewood & you will have an established fire in no time. 2&3) If you prefer you can use the briquettes not only as a fire starter, you can use it as a kindling & even as firewood fuel. Fire Flame are environmental responsible as they are made from recycled crushed wax cardboard boxes. The flame they produce is mostly smoke-free as it's like you are burning a candle. The Fire Flame comes in 5Kg bags of 10 briquettes & each briquette can burn for up to an hour. Great for no hassle fast lighting of your fire!

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