Geofabric 1000 x 50m

Geofabric is a continuous filament made from a polyester geotextile. It is designed to provide effective and economic solutions to drainage and DIY applications. Geofabric is supplied in a range of convenient roll widths to suit most projects. Typical applications are ideally suited to subsoil drainage systems used to remove water from damp areas and behind retaining walls. The three dimensional structure of this Geofabric ensures high flow rates and hence excellent drainage performance. The filtration of Geofabric outperforms natural filters in many applications particularly revetments and subsoil drainage. The extremely high porosity of nonwoven geotextiles allows water flow while preventing fines migration. Includes benefits such as minimised waste to landfill, minimised product waste, guaranteed quality and consistency, provides extensive flow paths, allows rapid drainage, mimics a natural sand filter, accommodates for irregular deformations, and is less susceptible to damage. Geofabric is a geotextile fabric used as a liner to filter out fines, preventing blockage of drainage products. Available in various size rolls. Also known by trade names like Bidim, Terrafirma, Terrafix, Geo Fabric, Geo-fabric and Filterwrap.

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