Firewood New! Eco Choice Pilliga 15kg (FAA Approved)

Eco Choice is an eco-friendly firewood, made up of fully-seasoned virgin hardwood offcuts from sawmills. Like all our firewood, Eco Choice comes from trees that are grown in sustainable Australian native hardwood forests where trees are constantly planted and responsibly harvested. By using Eco Choice, you are reducing waste by ensuring that all parts of a felled tree are used*.

Eco Choice is predominantly ironbark, with a few other hardwoods such as box and grey gum included. The wood is screened and tumbled to remove dirt and bark. The pieces usually range from the size of a slim paperback book to a family-size bar of chocolate. These easy-to-handle pieces are perfect for small fires, like fire pits or small fireplaces, or to help build up a bigger fire. It's also easy to split to make kindling. Like all our firewood, Eco Choice carries Firewood Association of Australia (FAA) approval for optimum burning.

*According to waste management company, Suez, 13% of the total material going to Australian landfill is wood ( By using Eco Choice firewood, you are helping reduce that figure.

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