Wakaflex Flashing 370mmx5m Black

Wakaflex is suitable for most roof profiles and types. It is the only butyl based roof flashing tape with a unique chemical self-bonding ability and without a fully-backed adhesive for easier installation.

Wakaflex has an aluminium honeycomb mesh embedded into the UV resistant butyl based rubber which allows for easy dressing to any roof profile without the use of any tools or additional silicone. With a malleability that provides a water tight seal immediately, Wakaflex is perfect for use in pitch transitions, wall abutments, step and chimney flashings. It is lighter, easier and quicker to use, looks better and is safer than lead. Try it on your next project and see for yourself why so many roofers have already left lead behind.

  • Suitable for rainwater harvesting systems
  • CSIRO tested
  • Non Toxic
  • Lightweight
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Temperature stability-can be laid in hot or cold conditions
  • UV resistant
  • Laying Length - Wakaflex does not expand or contract in hot or cold weather, so it can be installed in complete 5m lengths and with only a 30mm lap joint. Wakaflex will chemically bond with itself for a secure seal

Price per roll:
$339.00  $330.53
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  • Brand: Wakaflex
  • Item code: 55514
  • APN: 9339100000186