Efflock 1L

Efflock is a high performance additive to mix with all cement-based building materials to repel damp and lock efflorescence. Efflock provides permanent hydrophobic bulk impregnation of the entire concrete mass (tile screed, tile adhesive, grout, brickwork, render etc.) that is not compromised by movement or traffic wear. Using Efflock means efflorescence is controlled very effectively by repelling water from entering the tiny pores of concrete that acts to dissolve inherent salts and free lime that cause efflorescence on modern buildings. No other method is as effective. Another major benefit of using Efflock in a bathroom or tiled balcony, is to provide a primary barrier against shower leaks. Efflock dramatically reduces water absorption, and stops the migration of water through tile grout, tile adhesive and tile beds. Efflock is also ideal for bricklaying and stone masonry to prevent rising damp and salt attack. Efflock mixed into mortar provides an effective DPC (damp proof course) at every bed joint. Efflock dilutes 100 times with water as an additive for all types of cementitious mixes and provides many additional benefits as well as preventing efflorescence.

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