Pebble River 40mm

Pebble River 40mm is a beautiful smooth pebble in mixed natural shades of brown. The ideal colour to complement your garden beds. This pebble is also used on roof-top gardens to protect water-proofing membranes. Pebbles come from rivers such as the Nepean, Hunter, Shoalhaven and others.

The pebbles in this photo have been wet to show the colour range--pebbles are usually dusty when delivered, but this dust washes off to show a greater range of colour. Please note pebbles are a naturally occurring product. While every care is taken to provide consistency in colour, size and shape, these will vary from time to time - please ask us to email you a photo of our current stock if you are concerned with these slight variations. Economic order quantities to fill trucks are 3, 5, 7.5, 15, 20 & 32 tonne loads. These pebbles are also available in 20kg small bags as well as 1000kg bulk bags and loose tipped off a truck.

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  • Shipping weight: 1000kgs
  • Brand: BC Sands
  • Item code: 18872