Vertical Garden Gro-Wall Slim Line 6 Planters Green Wall 682Hx820Wx165Dmm Atlantis

Gro-Wall Slim Line offers a thinner profile for areas where space for a vertical garden is limited. Ideal for indoor use thanks to the ability to connect to standard drainage pipes and direct water to a drainage outlet.

Slim Line has a modular design with each kit including framework and six planter trays so you can build your green wall to your ideal size. The pots accommodate six litres of soil media for good plant growth and moisture retention. Features include built-in drainage sockets and irrigation locking clips. The plant-to-plant irrigation allows even watering for all plants and irrigation pipes can be used to direct water to a drainage outlet.

Plant Gro-Wall with variety of plant species, including grasses, sedums and succulents for a stunning display! Used on the walls of buildings, your Gro-Wall will act as a thermal insulator; cooling in winter and retaining heat in summer, saving energy on air-conditioning and also acting as a sound insulator. Also ideal for privacy screening. Gro-Wall is made from recycled materials.

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Take a look at this Gro Wall installation, irrigationand planting video here.

  • Rapid construction
  • Quick plant installation
  • Modular for vertical and horizontal expansion
  • Easy creative planting design
  • Self-supporting structure
  • No framework required
  • Structurally strong
  • Modular planting system
  • Optimum moisture retention for plants
  • Easy individual plant access and maintenance
  • Excess water capture system available

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