Hydrocell 40% Podium Mix Bulk Soil Enhancer and Growth Promoter

Hydrocell 40 is a lightweight, non hydrophobic, low organic content growing medium, an ideal light soil mix roof gardens, podium and planter boxes. It includes Scoria, washed sand, composted pine bark and hydrocell flakes.

The function is to provide a lightweight, non hydrophobic low organic content media that is stable over time, has excellent capillary properties for sub surface irrigation, good shear strength due to particle shape for sloped surfaces, high hydraulic conductivity and is suitable for a wide range of plant species.

Hydrocell absorbs water instantly and holds it to benefit your plants. It also absorbs nutrients from any fertilizers you add and releases them over time. In addition, it improves aeration, reduces compaction and is completely biodegradable (over seven or more years) and will not affect the pH of your soil.

Hydrocell growing medium has been tested in a variety of climatic and planting conditions and is suitable for a wide range of plants and conditions.

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