Construction Adhesive Super Grab 350g Strong as Nails

Solvent free, high performance, premium grade gap filling construction adhesive. High initial grab – up to 140kg/m˛ making it ideal for bonding heavy materials without slump. Repositionable for up to 30mins. Suitable for vertical and horizontal applications, both inside and outside. At least one substrate should be porous. Water-based so low odour and low toxicity (VOC).

Very good adhesion on all the usual porous building surfaces. Suitable for solid fixing of materials like wood, synthetic materials, stone, wall tiles, metal on surfaces of concrete, stone, plasterwork, wood, chipboard etc. Suitable for bonding panel work, panels, skirting boards of wood and PVC, cable tray and the most frequent decoration materials.

See Super Grab in action,in this video YouTube play button comparing the speed of grab of a range of construction adhesives.

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