Concrete Rapid Patch Boral 5kg

 Carry bag.
  • Requires no pre-soaking or post curing.
  • Keeps downtime to a minimum, ready to use in hours not days.(Normal 28 day compressive strength of concrete is reached in 3 hours.)
  • Excellent bond for most surfaces including rough or smooth concrete, timber, brick, masonry and most metal surfaces.

NOTE: Direct contact with aluminium or galvanised steel is not recommended.

User friendly, just add water. The use of warmer water will accelerate the setting time, while colder water will extend it.

Price per bag:
$39.00  $38.03
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  • Shipping weight: 5kgs
  • Brand: Boral Cement (Blue Circle)
  • Item code: 151111
  • APN: 9314673000863

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