Door Frame Metal 820x2065mm LH 114mm Throat Brick Non-Rated

This non-fire rated left hand metal door frame is designed to suit 114mm (standard) brickwork. Metal door frames won't rot like timber door frames - they are made from long lasting galvanised steel and are preassembled and easy to install during construction.

Please view the image so the correct hand is ordered. Frames are supplied with screw fixed hinged prep or welded hinges, a standard striker, spreader bars and a bundle of ten ties for brickwork.

Our standard metal door frames are available in a range of sizes, as shown here on the website, and you can also order frames to fit your needs, including special sizes, fire rating from one to four hours, special hingeing requirements and frames to retrofit to existing walls.

To order special door frames, please complete our order form or call us on 8543 3401.

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