Tipper 7.5 Tonne Load With 5 Metre Crane Truck Hire Hourly Two Hour Minimum (31,32)

These larger tippers can carry and tip a 7.5 tonne load and also have a crane with a 5m reach. The crane offers 360 degree rotation and also has a winch that can lower supplies below ground level.

Don't forget that if you receive a delivery from one of our crane trucks, you can order up to three extra lifts to move other products around. We do charge a lift fee, and a crane set up fee if necessary. We prefer you to book these lifts when you are placing your order so we can book in the time needed. If you need more than three extra lifts, you will get better value from hiring a truck.

This truck can be hired, with driver, at an hourly rate with a two-hour minimum. There is also a delivery fee and your hire period starts when the truck arrives on site. If the truck will need to travel to multiple sites (for example to do multiple pick-ups and deliveries), call us for a price. Please try and estimate the length of time you will need the truck as accurately as possible. Our trucks are only scheduled for the hire time you book and will need to leave punctually for their next customer. We hate to leave a job half finished, as much as you do!

Price per item:
$135.00  $131.63
Save $3.38!