If you would like to search for a word or phrase in product descriptions as well as in titles, make sure the "search in product descriptions" box is ticked. In most cases this will give you more results.

You can refine your search by specifying a category, manufacturer and price range or by using AND and/or OR in your search text. For example, firewood AND ironbark would return web site products that contain both words. However, firewood OR ironbark would return entries that contain both or either words.

If you enclose key words in double quotes, then only exact matches will be returned. For example, "hammer claw" would generate a result set which match the exact string. Please note that word order is important - if your first search doesn't return any results, try reversing the order of the words. For example, "claw hammer" returns zero results, but "hammer claw" returns two pages of results.