Door Frames


BC Sands' metal door frames are pre-assembled and easy to install. Made from galvanised steel, they can be manufactured to any size and combination of features and can be fire-rated or non-fire rated. Our door frames can be installed in many types of wall, both new and existing, including brick, block, stud, Dincel and more.

Rapid production means standard metal door frames can be manufactured within a few days, with non-standard frames taking a little longer. Certification can be provided for fire rated door frames, which are compliant with the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

Browse our range of standard non-fire rated metal door frames here, or complete our easy order form to order a specific combination of size, fittings and fire rating.

If you have any questions about metal door frames or need more details than are shown on our order form, contact us on 8543 3401.

Ordering metal door frames

If you know the specifications for the metal door frame you need, go straight to our order form.

Understanding metal door frames

The descriptions for metal door frames can look like a secret code. In fact, they contain all the information you need to order the right door frame for your job. Here is how to read the descriptions:

Door Frame Metal 820x2065mm LH 114mm Throat Brick Non-Rated

Height and width

The first number, in this case 820mm, refers to the width of the door that the frame is designed to accommodate. Common widths are 620mm, 720mm, 770mm, 820mm and 920mm, but door frames can be made for any width. The second number is the height of the door frame. Standard door heights are 2040-2045mm and a common door frame height is 2065mm, but frames can be made to fit all heights of door.


Door handing diagram

'LH' stands for 'Left Hand' (and RH for 'Right Hand') and is called 'handing'. This simply means the side of the door the hinges are on. A left hand door means the hinges are on the left of the door when you standing with the door opening toward you and a right hand door means the hinges are on the right of the door when you are standing with the door opening toward you. This is important for metal door frames as hinges are usually welded in place during manufacture, so the hinges need to be on the correct side of the frame.

Throat size

The next number, in this case 114mm, is the 'throat size', which is door frame manufacturing code for the fit of the frame around the thickness of the wall. This is the wall thickness, plus a few millimetres to allow the frame to wrap around the wall. For example, 114mm is the standard throat size for external walls made from common 110mm brick. Metal door frames can be made in any throat size. Throat is sometimes also known as 'profile' or 'girth'. Some door frame descriptions also include the type of wall material to which the frame will be fitted, such as brick or Dincel.


'Non-rated' just means that this particular metal door frame is not rated for fires and should not be used for a fire door. Doors can be fire rated for one, two, three or four hours. The rating depends on more than the frame, however, you also need to install it correctly, fit a fire-rated door and use fire-rated door furniture and fittings.

Additional information

Most non-rated doors and door frames come with two hinges. Fire rated doors and door frames usually come with three hinges. Other options are possible, though. Larger doors may require more hinges. You can also request 'Lift Off Hinges', which allow for a door to be removed from its hinges. These are sometimes used for small bathrooms to allow access in an emergency. Frames can be primed (painted) if you wish.

Fitting metal door frames

Metal door frames are usually fitted into new brick or block walls using wire ties, and all our frames come with a bundle of ten galvanised ties. To fit a metal door frame into an existing brick or block wall, order a frame with 'Dynaprep' (countersunk). Doors with countersunk holes can also be used for stud walls, or you can use strap fixings.

How our metal door frames are supplied

Our door frames are supplied welded together, with hinges in place, a striker plate at the standard of 1042mm centred and a bundle of ten galvanised brick ties. They come with a 'spreader' which fits to the bottom of the metal frame and holds it in shape during transit. This can be discarded when you fit the door frame.

All door frames are for single doors, unless otherwise stated.

All our metal door frames are manufactured in Sydney.