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Mulch Mixed Leaf & Woodchip
This economical mulch is a mixture of woodchip and leaf waste that is ideal for native and informal gardens. Freshly cut leaf mulch is green, but...
Per m3: $19.00  $18.53
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Mulch Wood Chip Black
Black wood chip provides a stunning contrast to plants of all types and is particularly popular in contemporary gardens. Wood chip is an inexpensive...
Per m3: $95.00  $92.63
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Mulch Wood Chip Hardwood 25-50mm
Hardwood wood chip is a long-lasting mulch with a natural look. This product is available in bulk, either tipped off a truck or in a 1m3 bulk bag....
Per m3: $109.00  $106.28
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Mulch Wood Chip Red
Red wood chip is a long-term gardening favourite, providing a dramatic splash of colour against green foliage. Wood chip is an inexpensive mulch that...
Per m3: $95.00  $92.63
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Mulch Wood Chip Softwood
Softwood wood chip is an economical and long-lasting mulch in honey shades that gives a natural finish to native and casual gardens. This product is...
Per m3: $69.00  $67.28
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