We carry a wide range of shovels and spades. From mulch shovels, through to trenching shovels and post hole pincer shovels, we have the right shovel or spade for any and all of your needs.


With yards at Brookvale and Taren Point, our landscaping and building products can be delivered throughout greater Sydney's Eastern Suburbs, Sutherland Shire, Northern Beaches, Western Suburbs and beyond. Loose products such as mulch, soil, sand and pebbles can be tipped or delivered in bulk bags.

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Post Hole Pincer Kelso
Suitable for digging post and in-ground support holes and holes for planting trees, shrubs and flowers. Strong and lightweight fibreglass handles....
Per item: $64.00  $62.40
Save $1.60!

Post Hole Pincer Spear & Jackson
2.5mm heat treated carbon steel head. Reinforced collar. High strength tubular steel handles. Rubber end grips.
Per item: $74.00  $72.15
Save $1.85!

Scoop Mulch Aluminium Long Handle Spear & Jackson Shovels
Large aluminium mulch scoop with long hardwood timber handle. Head size 420mm x 290mm.
Per item: $84.00  $81.90
Save $2.10!

Scoop Mulch Aluminium 'D' Handle Spear & Jackson Shovels
Large aluminium scoop with hardwood timber shaft. Head size 420mm x 290mm.
Per item: $84.00  $81.90
Save $2.10!

Shovel Metal 'D' Handle Pink Rally
All metal pink shovel with 'D' grip handle. We are proud to partner with the National Breast Cancer Foundation and will donate $1 from selected pink...
Per item: $13.99  $13.64
Save $0.35!

Shovel Metal 'D' Handle White Rally
All metal white shovel with 'D' grip handle.
Per item: $14.99  $14.62
Save $0.37!

Shovel Plumber's Fibreglass Long Handle Kelso
A narrow shovel for digging drains, laying pipe and for general shifting and spreading. Long handle for extra leverage. Strong steel core fibreglass...
Per item: $49.00  $47.78
Save $1.23!

Shovel Post Hole Fibre Glass Handle
This shovel has a heavy duty carbon steel head and a trade quality fibre glass handle. An ideal tool for digging post holes, clearing and mixing...
Per item: $64.00  $62.40
Save $1.60!

Shovel Post Hole Long Handle Fibre Glass Spear & Jackson
Trade quality. One piece blade & socket with powder coat finish. 2mm heat treated, high grade carbon steel. High quality fibreglass shaft with soft...
Per item: $64.00  $62.40
Save $1.60!

Shovel Post Hole Round Mouth Long Handle Cyclone
Suitable for general garden work, sinking post holes into loose soil or sand and for trenching prior to pipe and drain laying. Long handle for extra...
Per item: $79.00  $77.03
Save $1.97!

Shovel Round Mouth Long Handle Spear & Jackson
Head size 320mm x 285mm. 1.6mm carbon steel head. Reinforced collar. Long timber handle.
Per item: $39.00  $38.03
Save $0.98!

Shovel Shifting Square Mouth Long Handle Fibreglass Kelso
General purpose shovel for shifting, loading and spreading heavy to light materials. Long handle for extra leverage. Strong steel core fibreglass...
Per item: $54.00  $52.65
Save $1.35!

Shovel Square Mouth 'D' Handle Spear & Jackson
1.6mm carbon steel head. Timber shaft. Reinforced collar. Comfort poly D-handle.
Per item: $39.00  $38.03
Save $0.98!

Shovel White Long Handle Steel
All steel construction. Long handle with soft grip end cap.
Per item: $34.00  $33.15
Save $0.85!

Spade Digging Pink 'D' Handle Spear & Jackson
Ideal for digging in soils and clay. 2mm carbon steel head with a reinforced collar. Features a tilted soft grip 'D' handle with a strong fibreglass...
Per item: $39.00  $38.03
Save $0.98!

Spade Draining Cyclone
Ideal for transplanting shrubs and trees and for digging and clearing narrow trenches.
Per item: $69.00  $67.28
Save $1.72!

Spade Garden 'D' Handle Fibreglass Kelso
A general purpose spade suitable for most gardening needs, including digging and turning soils and clay. Short handle for close work. Strong steel...
Per item: $49.00  $47.78
Save $1.23!

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