Rubbish Removal

Need to get rid of rubbish? BC Sands Skip Bin Bags are the answer! Order empty bags, or a pick up of full ones (BC Sands skip bin bags only) on this page, or find out more about our rubbish collection service here.

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Bag Empty Generic Gravour 20kg
Our very own BC Sands Generic Gravour 20kg bag. Ideal to fill rocks, stones, pebbles and many more!
Per bag: $1.99  $1.94
Save $0.05!

Bulk Bag Empty Generic
Similar to our rubbish bags,Skip Bin Bags, these bags are suitable for site rubbish and left over bulk materials that need to be moved.
Per item: $19.99  $19.49
Save $0.50!

Pallet Pick Up
Bought something on a pallet and paid a pallet deposit? Use this product code to order the collection of your pallets after you have unloaded them....
Per item: $0.00

Skip Bag Disposal pick up -fees apply
Ready to have your full skip bin bag picked up? Simply add this 'product' to your online shopping cart and go through our checkout procedure to pay...
Per bulk bag: $330.00  $321.75
Save $8.25!

Skip Bag Empty
BC Sands skip bin bags are easier and cheaper than a skip! Easy to store - keep your bag until you are ready, then fill at your own pace. When it's...
Per item: $19.99  $19.49
Save $0.50!

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