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"Soils ain't soils", as John Laws used to maybe say. What you're planting determines what type of soil you need. Whether it's native plants, a vegie patch, a planter box or laying turf, you have to buy the right soil for the best results. If you're not sure what you need, our sales team will be happy to help!


Our landscaping and building products can be delivered throughout greater Sydney and beyond. Loose products such as mulch, soil, sand and pebbles can be tipped or delivered in bulk bags.

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Monthly Specials For December

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Hydrocell 40% Podium Mix Bulk Soil Enhancer and Growth Promoter
Hydrocell is a wetting agent that saves up to 50% of your water use by improving the absorption and water-holding ability of soil or potting mix....
Per m3: $199.00  $194.03
Save $4.97!
Pack size

Soil Native Garden Mix Australian Standard 4419
This coarse, free-draining mix contains low amounts of phosphorus and is ideal for Australian natives and proteas. Meets Australian Standard AS4419....
Per m3: $84.00  $67.28
Save $16.73!
Pack size

Soil Organic Garden Mix Australian Standard AS4419
A premium blend of composted green waste, sand and other ingredients which is ideal for general garden plants, including shrubs, ornamental plants...
Per m3: $74.00  $67.28
Save $6.72!
Pack size

Soil Planter Box Mix - Bottom MO133 SmartMix#5 Australian Standard 4419
The ideal lower layer, Planter Box Bottom Mix is a free-draining, lightweight, high quality mix suitable for planter boxes and roof top gardens....
Per tonne: $105.00  $102.38
Save $2.63!
Pack size

Soil Planter Box Mix Top MN133 SmartMix#4 Australian Standard 4419
This free-draining, lightweight high quality mix is perfect for planter boxes and roof top gardens. The ideal top layer over our Planter Box Mix...
Per tonne: $105.00  $96.53
Save $8.47!
Pack size

Soil Structural 40mm SmartMix#3
Structural soil is a free-draining, high quality mix typically used where a bulk filling that will not settle over time is required. Our mix is...
Per tonne: $99.00  $96.53
Save $2.47!
Pack size

Soil Top Soil Blend 80/20 MW8020
This top soil blend is a quarried turf underlay blend, produced by Benedictís from quarried VENM alluvial soils, quarried VENM washed sands or a...
Per tonne: $115.00  $112.13
Save $2.88!
Pack size

Soil Turf Gro Premium Top Soil/ Dressing & Underlay
Packed with nutrients and offering great moisture retention, Turf Gro is a premium free-draining, non-caking top dressing (top soil) or underlay for...
Per m3: $75.00  $73.13
Save $1.88!
Pack size

Soil Vegie Organic Mix
A premium blend of composted organics and Vitagrow extra to make your vegetables happy. Whether you call it vegi mix, veggie mix, vege mix, veg mix...
Per m3: $84.00  $77.03
Save $6.97!
Pack size

Soil Vitagrow Extra (Soil Additive)
100% organic, Vitagrow is a soil additive made from composted and highly heated green waste. Vitagrow provides structure and nutrients to the soil...
Per m3: $79.00  $77.03
Save $1.97!
Pack size

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