Block Norfolk Retaining 390x190x180 Baines Each (90 per pallet)

Available in Appin Stone, Charcoal, Penrose, Oakdale, Yellow Rock, Red Rock and Bushrock. The Norfolk™ Retaining Wall Block System is a DIY Stepped (17°) Interlocking Wall System with a 'rock face' textured finish and a natural palette of colours to create a sensational looking space that blends to the natural surroundings adding value and usability to your property.

Developed to provide an attractive cost effective retaining wall of up to 900mm (subject to local council requirements) without reinforcement or engineers certification. The Norfolk™ blocks have a special locking connection which makes creating a stunning retaining wall by yourself easy and affordable. There is no need for mortar or other adhesives when building the wall which saves time and money. Norfolk™ Blocks can be built straight, curved or terraced to fit the contours of an embankment. Each block is made of high strength, low absorption, maintenance free concrete.

"Imitation is the highest form of compliment" - Not a truer word has been spoken in regards to the Norfolk® Retaining Wall System. Many of our competitors will offer you products of similar shape and colour, but due to legal reasons they cannot duplicate the superior locking connection of both systems. Our product quality and our superior, unique, system design is your piece of mind that you are investing in the best segmental retaining wall system in Australia. It is the original and the best!

Click HERE to see the range of coloursavailable. And view the Norfolk Installation Guide to see how easy it is to install.

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